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Asia Opticals provides outstanding "before and after" sales assistance. Our trained staff will guide you through the process of picking the ideal frame and lens shape for your needs and design.


We are providing outstanding

"before and after" sales assistance

Eye examination & provision of prescription

Asia opticals aims to raise awareness of eye health and the speed with which it may be diagnosed. This is why we offer free visual evaluations and visual support to all of our clients.

Contact Lenses (coloured/non-coloured/prescription)

You may consult an expert at Asia opticals for contact lens support to help you succeed with contact lenses. You may also discuss the various types of lenses with a certified eye specialist.

RTA License Eye Testing

RTA eye testing is a series of tests used to evaluate vision and the ability to focus on and distinguish between things. Other tests are also included in Asia opticals.

Free After Sales Repair

Asia Opticals cleans and adjusts replacement items such as screws, frames, and bearings. This is a free service.

Scope of Services

Optical Services

Asia Opticals is dedicated to providing the most advanced ophthalmic products and the latest optical fashions.
New advancements in lens materials allow for lighter, thinner, safer, and more attractive lenses than ever before. These high-index lenses are an excellent choice to enhance your comfort and wear, with even minor refractive errors.
Lens manufacturers have also developed progressive "bifocal" designs, available even in, the most popular, small frame sizes. Other designs ("aspheric") reduce lens thickness, weight, and visual distortions and are a great option for higher prescriptions. In addition, combination lens treatments are available that offer scratch resistance, UV protection, and anti-reflective (glare-free) to enhance your visual experience and protect your eyeglass lens investment.
Beyond fashion, sunglass options have evolved dramatically to offer enhanced visual performance and comfort through the combinations of specific lens tints (colors), polarized lenses, and anti-reflective coatings. Some of the best options (Oakley, Rayban, etc.) are also available with prescriptions.
New frame materials are available that offer thinner, lighter, stronger, and more hypoallergenic options ("titanium"). In addition, frame manufacturers have also developed new plastic designs with alluring laminated color combinations. Contemporary frames have evolved into fashion accessories, rather than just a vision appliance.
Let our opticians guide you to your very best eyewear, balancing prescriptive needs with cosmetic desires.

Ophthalmic Lenses as per  prescription

Women’s Frames

Women’s Sunglasses

Men’s Frames

Men’s Sunglasses

Kid’s frames

Safety Glasses

Optical Accessories

Kid’s Sunglasses

If you love the hip, modern look of plastic frames but want something more lustrous and durable, then adorable sunglasses are for you. Lightweight and built to last, we offer sunglasses frames in dozens of styles.We offer an almost endless array of acetate sunglasses– in every shape, size, and color imaginable.

Sunglasses for men are great because they’re both fashionable and functional. Our collection of sunglasses for men are available in tons of shapes and colors. Whether you’re looking for a frame with attitude or something refined and classy, our shades are the solution. Protecting your eyes from bright light can improve comfort and improve visual acuity on bright days. Enjoy those long hot days in style.

Full rim eyeglass frames are the favorite of most people for their stability and tolerance for most face shapes. Full rim glasses from Asia Opticals might sound self-explanatory. Simply put, the frames fully enclose the lenses, but don't underestimate the variety available to you. Our sturdiest, most durable, and most impact-resistant option, full rim eyeglasses come in endless colors, styles, and sizes.

Asia Opticals has hundreds of men's eyeglasses ranging from minimalistic metal frames to trendy trapezoid glasses and everything in between. The best part? Our collection of glasses frames for men can be filtered to better suit your style needs. Our stylish Glasses for men come in metal, titanium, plastic, and wood texture materials, and can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

You may consult an expert at Asia opticals for Ophalmic lens support to help you succeed with Ophthalmic lenses. You may also discuss the various types of lenses with a certified eye specialist.

The right spectacle frames for children

Making decisions is never easy. And it's not only the look that is important in the choice of spectacle frames for children.

From dark to darker – smart sunglass lenses that adapt automatically to changing light conditions.Ultraviolet Radiation can have on their eyes is often overlooked. BETTER VISION explains how UV protection sunglasses and UV protection glasses can protect your child’s vision.

Buy high standard quality Safety Glasses at best feasible price . Industrial & Scientific from a great selection of Safety Glasses, Goggles & more at  low prices.

We offer the best Eyewear Accessories such as lens cleaning kits, floating straps, glasses cords, hard & soft eyeglass cases and sunglasses cases.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Services

Through annual comprehensive eye examinations our goal is to maximize your visual performance, to ensure and maintain your eye health. We recommend a yearly examination for middle & old aged, and every six months for the children’s. It will be a wise investment in the protection of your eye sight.

As part of your examination, visual acuity (the sharpness of vision) will be measured and a test known as refraction is conducted to determine your eyes' refractive power.

After performing these tests our Opticians will discuss your results, explain your prescription, and give you a better understanding of your overall eye health. Traditional options such as glasses, contact lenses, In the event that you chose to wear contact lenses additional services, beyond a comprehensive eye examination, will be performed.

You'll find our Opticians and Staff of Asia Opticals committed to provide state-of-the-art eye care services and products, in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Contact Lens Services

From the convenience of extended (continual) wear to daily disposable the allure of disposable cosmetic tints to custom painted prosthetic designs the convenience of disposable toric (astigmatic) to custom toric lenses of virtually any power the vision of single vision (myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism) to a wide array of multifocal (bifocal)
the plastic options of soft (hydro gel) to rigid gas permeable to combination wear contact lenses are now available for virtually any refractive error, wearing schedule, and wearing environment.
Your lens wearing experience is dependent upon clear and constant vision, immediate and sustained comfort, and convenient, yet effective lens care. New developments now make it possible for us to offer the advantages of contact wear too many more wearers. Our goal is to stay abreast of and offer the most advanced technologies in the contact lens industry. And to best match those most appropriate products to your specific contact lens needs.